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A TRIBUTE TO NINO FERRER - Available NOW! from LARSEN RECORDS - featuring MAO et MOI by The LINK QUARTET - a MUST HAVE!!!!!!! Posted by Hello


The Hammondbeat Club is the future of funk 'n' groove! The Club is designed to make a very special connection between the bands you love and you, the fans. The club will feature 3 types of special releases. First, exclusive booty-shaking releases, like "Mile High Mayhem". Other exclusives planned for this year include some Link Quartet 7" singles! Second, advance promo copies of future commercial releases. These won't be just any advance promos, though kiddies. These promos will include exclusive packaging as well as exclusive tracks not to be found on the commercial versions. Look for the new record by The Special Agents to get this treatment later this year. Third, commercial releases at a special price and well in advance of the "official" street date! Hey, we're the gods of groove; we can get away with this. Also included will be special discount offers on future purchases as well as instant discounts! Pretty cool, huh?
"Mile High Mayhem" is a very special collection of remixes, alternate versions, live tracks, and demos by the mighty Link Quartet. This release will never be issued commercially, so the only way to get this bombastic collection of Hammond mayhem is to get it from the club or to attend the Mile High Mayhem 2005 scooter rally in Denver CO (which Hammondbeat is proudly sponsoring). Get 'em now, 'cause when they're gone...they're gone!

Mile High Mayhem
Mile High Mayhem is the soundtrack to the movie of the screenplay of... wait a minute...actually it's the fourth release in our "bootleg" series, only this time it's got a face lift and will sport a thermal image on the disc and high resolution printing of the cover. You'll also have access to an optional tray image to download and print to go the jewel case route if you prefer. But you'll also only be able to pre-order this release as the first 400 are going to Denver for the exclusive give-away, so we'll only be making enough extras to fill orders from www.Hammondbeat.com shoppers. You must order by 10pm (PST) on July 4th, 2005! Discs will ship approximately July 25, 2005.


The Link Quartet - Live 02/07/05 @ TRAVOBACCANO

THE LINK QUARTET - In tour dai primi mesi del 2005 per presentare il terzo acclamatissimo album "Italian Playboys", il LINK QUARTET rappresenta la punta di diamante del panorama ACID JAZZ nazionale ed europeo. Capitanato dal "primo MOD italiano" Tony FACE Baciocchi (già batterista di bands seminali quali NOT MOVING e CHELSEA HOTEL) il noto gruppo piacentino è in attività dalla seconda metà degli anni novanta e propone un raffinato e coinvolgente cocktail sonoro che pesca a piene mani nella miglior musica strumentale degli anni 60 e 70, mischiando sapientemente Acid-Jazz, Funk, Beat, Easy Listening e suadenti e torbidi Hammond Grooves proposti con assoluta maestria dall'organista Apollo Negri, considerato tra i migliori organisti Jazz attualmente in circolazione. Innumerevoli le date di spalla al JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET del quale i nostri vengono considerati la versione italiana, e con il quale hanno stretto un rapporto di collaborazione ed amicizia. Pezzi del LINK QUARTET sono contenuti in compilations tematiche uscite in ogni angolo del globo (Europa, America e Giappone) ed alcune loro composizioni sono state utilizzate per le colonne sonore di alcune pellicole holliwoodiane, grazie al sapiente lavoro di promozione fatto oltreoceano dalla HAMMOND BEAT, l'etichetta che produce e distribuisce i dischi del gruppo negli stati Uniti.


Da ascoltare

Oasis "Don't believe the truth"
Album eccellente , grandi brani , atmosfere cool tra Beatles , Who e Stones

White Stripes "Get me behind Satan"
Il capolavoro dei Whites tra reminiscenze Led Zep , solito lo fi blues , Stones late 60's

Stands "Do it like you like"
Puro 60's brit sound con tiro garage

Little Barrie "Long hair"
Il nuovo singolo fa il verso al primo Hendrix e ai Pretty Things . Bellissimo




Soulshaker vol.2
Record Kicks

Ecco il secondo episodio della collana Soulshaker.La Recordkicks, di suo buon cuore, ha continuato l’opera di chiamare a raccolta tutte le anime nere perse per il mondo. Questo secondo scuotianima è la cosa più "groovy" capitata nel mio lettore nell’ultima metà dell’anno. Soul Club, beat, funk. 17 band per lo più inglesi e americane a rappresentanza della scena danzereccia odierna. Si parte dai Vodoo quartet con le loro influenze sixities, si riamane incantati dalla voce mozzafiato di Sharon Jones e ci si rilassa con il jazz veloce casa Smoove. Di nomi ce ne sarebbero molti altri, cito ancora i nostrani Link Quartet che di sicurano non sfigurano nell’ ensamble.E’ un ottima uscita, varia tra le molte sfumature che la musica nera può offrirci e di sicuro utilissima in un dj set per rincararare la dose di groove.Che dire, in previsione del periodo da feste in piscina, quale miglior colonna sonora per sfoggiare olive affogate nel Martini e pose alla James Bond...Have you got the message?!!
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Sandro Giorello


Dal catalogo SOUNDFLAT - Germania

The new album by the finest italian acid jazzers masters Link Quartet. With the single Lady Shave DJ Ninfa enraptures the audience with her Brigitte Bardot-like mellifluous voice and the combo from Piacenza has never been so groovy! Just a little taste of what's to come in Italian Playboys with a more complete sound and even more mature (if possible!) than in both previous albums. Not only Hammond beat, the real band's trademark, but also hints of funk, spaceage beat, sitar groove and sprinkling of dancefloor jazz in this album strongly influenced by Small Faces, Brian Auger, James Taylor Quartet and Jean-Jacques Perrey. Italian Playboys includes nine original songs from the classic 6T's beat styled title track to the introspective After and Once Again, along with a selection of rarely attempted covers including the heavy funk of Jon Lord on Rubber Monkey, an uplifting interpretation of Jack McDuff's Briar Patch (an alternate version will also appear on the forthcoming McDuff tribute album from Scufflin' Records), and a scorching slice out of the library classic Move, Move, Move. A part from the extraordinaire DJ NINFA we've just mentioned, It Italian Playboys also features Doug Roberson of mod fave The Diplomats of Solid Sound (USA) on guitar for the rich robust jazz of Portofino Vespa Rider, Eddie Roberts of deep funk superstars The New Mastersounds (UK) on sitar for the spicy Spider Baby, and Arnaldo Dodici vocals on the monster Zombies style pop Janine. The new album follows the seminal Beat.It (2002, Hammondbeat), two USA tours with the last stop headlining the world reknowned MODchicago weekender, numerous European festivals, and several score contributions to 6T's spy-revivalist film Wilson Chance (2004, Bunzendahl Brothers, USA) and soundtrack counterpart Wilson Chance: The Sound of Danger (2004, Hammondbeat). Italian Playboys songs have already been featured this autumn on the BBC's Mark Radcliffe and Craig Charles radio shows, and the indication from the fantastic reviews The Link Quartet have consistently received both on record and on stage, you are encouraged to expect this latest to blow you away to a new funky place.
After releasing the SoulShaker collection, i Groove Kicksi0 , Record Kicks' series dedicated to rare grooves strikes back with " Let's BOOGALOO!" another selection of killer dancefloor jazz, latin funk & soul, and rare grooves. Born and risen to fame during the mid-60s within Harlem's Spanish-speaking community Boogaloo and its medley of funk & soul remained much of a local phenomenon, before disappearing completely replaced by the coming of Salsa. With the result that for years rare groove lovers and collectors exchanged vinyls by Fania Record (Boogaloo's Motown), Tico or Cotique Records, paying them dearly. The bond with the old movement has grown stronger in the past years with the coming of the Acid Jazz scene first and of Lounge Music later, and an increasing number of dj's and bands sampled/remade/took inspiration from those irresistibly devilish yet superstylish grooves. Springing from Milan's one nighter " BOOGALOO! Different Groove ClubNight" organised by Move&Groove production Let's BOOGALOO aims at building an ideal bridge between the masters of the genre (Joe Bataan, Ray Barreto, Avrey Avern, Monguito Santamaria) and the new international funk, soul and dancefloor jazz scene. The compilation opens with Skeewiff from London aka Alex Rizzo & Elliot Ireland and their smashing breakbeat cocktail revisitation of Riccardo Ray's Nitty Gritty to continue with the unpublished snapping stomper latin soul " Chick a boom" by the very latino soulboy Joe Bataan. Still speaking of the most flaming and danceable funk & soul, the tracks that follow are " El Dorado" by Monguito Santamaria - son of the legendary Mongo - " Never learned to dance" by Avrey Avern, " Hector" by the Village Callers, " Teacher of love" by the master Ray Barreto, " He's that way" and " Ode to billie joe" respectively by latin jazz legends Willie Bobo and Cal Tjader. The modern part couldn't do without the dancefloor jazzf1 contribution by Italy's Nicola Conte, the dj the world envies us for, followed by Gerardo Frisina's marvellous "Sophisticated Samba" taken from his brand new album " Hi Note" , and last but not least the pearl of i brasialian souli0 "Time has come"i i0 by Soulstance. The contemporary funk soul scene is instead represented by the English bands Stoned Soul Pic Nic and Boogaloo Investigators, who are among the few who learned the lesson so well that their masters are not to be regretted. And then by the American band Diplomats of Solid Sound as well as the Italian bands MINIi VIPi0 and Link Quartet. A totally danceable journey back in time, from 2004 to 1967. What are you waiting for? Don't waste your time...let's i BOOGALOOi0 now!
Let's Boogaloo! volume 2 is the new groove kicks compilation featuring the best of new contemporary acid jazz, funk and hammond groove scene, as well as a few rarities you can't afford to miss. The compilation dashes off with the Finnish band Hypnomen dealing out a devastating version of " Need No Doctor" by the father of soul Ray Charles, and with the powerful " New York Soul" by the master Ray Barretto, a real manifesto of latin boogaloo. They are followed by England's Speedometer with the song " Just Keep On" taken from the album " This is Speedometer" , which confirmed them as one of today's best soul bands. Next the killer instrumental " Slush Puppy" by Slow Slushy Boys, the French band captained by Teen Axel and Benny Gordini and Bronx River Parkway with their track " Qienes Que Resolverlo" coming directly from the New York barrio. Freak off latin soul at it's best! Acid Jazz have been on the crest of the wave of cool soundz for the past 15 years and recently released new singles by Spoon Bender and Andy Lewis. Mr. Frank Popp and his Ensemble have never been so heavily (northern) soulful with the stunning " Breakaway" . Whereas London's Skeewiff are unbeatable in setting the dance floor on fire. Listen to " The Spider " if you still have any doubts. Spain is second to none when it comes to dancefloor & acid jazz, presenting us with " Groovy La Notte " , the title track of Asturian band Koniec's second album and followed up with The Natural Thing, who have the Hammond groove's best-kept musical secret in Mr. Sergio Albentosa. " Doggy Bag" by Slim Alan 3 from Finland's Helsinki is another irresistible dancefloor jazz hit. The compilation just had to include two funk & Latin soul classics such as " Somebody's Been Sleepin' In My Bed" by Mexican band Cosa Nostra, a recent rare groove discovery made by VampiSoul, and " Lover & A Friend" by master Eddie Bo duetting with Inez Chetham in a 6Ts funk stomper you just want to get up and dance to. Last but not least, the Hammond groove of MiniVip's " Menage" , and The Link Quartet's " Italian Playboys " , the title track of their latest album, enhancing their top position in the new international acid jazz scene.
Groove Kicks is Record Kicks' new compilation series dedicated to a different way of interpreting dance music. Thus, it definitely had to debut with SoulShaker a best of collection of the contemporary funk, soul and cocktail scene, which takes the idea from Bologna's - and not only - leading dance event, the RivieraBeat all-nighter. A soul night free from fashion trends representing an out-and-out phenomenon in the national clubbing panorama with its audience of over 80.000 during season 02-03, which hosted artists such as Frank Popp, Trashmonkeys, Montefiori Cocktail, Andy Lewis, Eddie Piller, and many more. Bristol's Dynamo Productions - real names Andy Smith and Scott Hendy or the hands respectively behind Portishead's and Boca 45's turntables - open the dance with a funkadelic megahit that will drive you crazy. It is followed by NYC's undisputed queen of soul Sharon Jones with the classic dancefloor hit " Got a Thing On My Mind" , and Frank Popp who strikes back with " You've been gone too long" after the buttshaking global hit " Hip Teens don't wear blue jeans" . Then Jinrai, the last discovery made in Acid Jazz by the founder of Acid Jazz Records Eddie Piller, Big Boss Man, and the Bongolian who will revitalise the funk, soul & boogaloo atmosphere of London's legendary Blow Up Club. Further on comes the tremendous super funk version of Sonic's "Shot Down" by US band Sugarman 3 & Lee Field, the magic touch of Andy Lewis (Acid Jazz Records), the Hammond groove by German garage mods Trashmonkeys, and the red hot funk played by England's Speedometer (Blow It hard Records, London). And then, the first time CD release of the northern soul classic "I've Never Found A Girl" funked up by US band Joseph Henry and The Mighty Imperials. The Italian crew is lead by the excellent Montefiori Cocktail, who are close friends of SoulShaker's as well as of the coolest clubs worldwide. They are followed by the Hammond sound of Mike Painter & The Family Shakers. Then by Link Quartet, MiniVip, as well as by the magic touch of Macchiato Caldo aka Robert Passera, the man who rose to fame with the megahit record " I Was a Ye Ye Girl" , and Benasky the singer of Montefiori Cocktail dealing with a supercocktail remix of Studiodavoli's "Superpartner". Get ready! SoulShaker is comin'!
Out in the end of May 2005 SOULSHAKER volume 2 the groove kicks compilation dedicated to the contemporary funk, soul & club scene. Get your dance-floor shoes ready as another long ride through the world's groovy funk & soul club scene awaits you. Get started with The Voodoo Trombone Quartet and Lemon, quintessence of London's legendary Club Montepulciano, here dealing with an overwhelming and breathtaking cocktail latin "breakbeat" Boogaloo, followed by the similar Kelvin Stardust, the opening track of Big Boss Man's brand new second album "Winner". Pass the hatchet baby!!! Let's stay in the realm of groovy club soundz with Gogo Sitar by Germany's Kahuna Kawentzmann, which already became a true underground hit thanks to the spread of 7" by Jazzman Records, the same label that publishes the flaming Sharon Jackson and her Soul Destroyers. Blow your top! Quantic is among the leading figures of the new international club scene. Don't joke with an hungry man proves that this is a top class young talent, indeed in this case helped by the voice of the legendary Spanky Wilson! English band Speedometer deliver a preview taken from their second album "This is Speedometer vol.2", which states all the je ne sais quoi of these Southeast boys. "Have you got the message"?!! The best of nowadays' mod scene is embodied by Scottish band Boogaloo Investigators, by Italy's Link Quartet, featured with the previously unreleased song Sweet little apples, by American band Diplomats of Solid Sound and by the Nick Rossi Set, respectively dealing with Loaf and jug and with the cover of Foolkiller by Mose Allison. Sharon Jones - who only just delivered a sold out performance at Camden's Jazz Caf'e9 - certainly doesn't need to be introduced, as she is beyond question the number one lady of soul. What condition, which already became a classic of the northern soul scene thanks to the version by Betty Lavette, is an unreleased track that, at present, has been turning only on 7". In order to remain within the classics, French band Slow Slushi Boys have no fear of comparison with Ike Turner. Just listen to their song "I can't believe what you say". And, what should we say about the hot Hammond-funk played by English band Sting Ray Davies & The Organites, a side project by Leight Gracie of Speedometer and Stoned Soul Picnic!!!???!! Wow! The supercool graphic design is by Fabio Conti, stay tuned!!!


SOULSHAKER Vol.2 - CD & LP available on monday 13th Posted by Hello


Real funk, soul and groovy club soundz from today's scene!
Esce lunedì 13 Giugno il secondo volume della compilation
SOULSHAKER dedicata al meglio della scena funk, soul e club contemporanea. Se clicchi sui titoli puoi ascoltare in anteprima qualche brano. Si inizia con The Voodoo Trombone Quartet e Lemon incarnazioni del già mitico Club Montepulciano di Londra e quì alle prese con un devastanti e mozzafiato cocktail latin "breakbeat" boogaloo, non ci si sposta di molto con Kelvin Stardust dei Big Boss Man brano che apre il loro brand new secondo album "Winner'. Pass the hatchet baby!!! Rimaniamo sempre nel territorio del groovy club soundz con Gogo Sitar del tedesco Kahuna Kawentzmann già vera e propria undergropund hit grazie al contrabbando di 7" della Jazzman Records. Sempre da casa Jazzman arriva l’esplosiva Sharon Jackson accompagnata dai Soul Destroyers. Blow your top! Quantic è tra I personaggi di spicco della nuova scena club internazionale, Don't joke with an hungry man conferma tutta la classe di questo giovane talento, in questo caso certamente aiutato della voce della leggendaria Spanky Wilson! Coming back è il nuovo singolo degli SMOOVE da casa Acid Jazz Rec ... super!

Dagli inglesi Speedometer un’anteprima dal secondo album "This is Speedometer vol.2" che conferma tutta la classe di questi Southest boys. "Have you got the message"?!! Il meglio dell’attuale mod scene è rappresentato dagli scozzesi Boogaloo Investigators, dai nostrani Link Quartet quì con il brano inedito Sweet little apples e dagli americani Diplomats of Solid Sound e Nick Rossi Set rispettivamente alle prese con Loaf and jug e con Foolkillers cover di Mose Allison. Sharon Jones non ha certo bisogno di presentazioni, senza alcun dubbio la soul lady number 1. Di recente in grado di fare sold al Jazz Cafè di Camden. What condition già classico della scena northern soul grazie alla versione di Betty Lavette è un inedito che per ora ha girato solo su 7". Per restare sui classici i francesi Slow Slushi Boys non temono il confronto con Ike Turner ascoltate la loro "I can't believe what you say". E che dire dell’infuocato hammond-funk degli inglesi Sting Ray Davies & The Organites side project di Leight Gracie degli Speedometer e degli Stoned Soul Picnic!!!???!! Wow! La grafica super cool sarà curata come sempre da Fabio Conti ..... stay tuned

1 VTQ - Your pleasure - Freshly Squeezed Music UK
2 Big Boss Man - Kelvin Stardust - Blow Up Records UK
3 Speedometer - Have you got the message – Blow It Hard Records UK
4 Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - What Condition - Daptone Records USA
5 Quantic feat. Spanky Wilson - Don't Joke with... - Tru Thoughs UK
6 Lemon - Hell yeah - Freshly Squeezed Music UK
7 Kahuna Kawentzmann - Gogo Sitar - Jazzman Records UK
8 Smoove - Coming Back - Acid Jazz Records UK
9 The Link Quartet - Sweet little apples - Record Kicks ITA
10 Nick Rossi Set - Foolkiller - Nick Rossi Set USA
11 Sting Ray Davies & The Organites Upstairs - At boston Road - BIH UK
12 Boogaloo Investigators - If you reap Boogaloo - Googaloo Records UK
13 The Diplomats Of Solid Sound - Loaf and jug - Estrus Records USA
14 Funkplosion - The love jet - Funkorama Rec SPA
15 The Soul Destroyers feat Sharon Jackson - Fackin'it – Jazzman UK
16 Stoned Soul Picnic - Doctor Gonzo – SSP UK
17 Slow Slushy Boys - I can't believe what you say - Larsen Records FRA
CD and LP available on monday 13th!


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Mile High Mayhem

July 28, 2005Hammondbeat Records,

Strudel Girl (new acid wave dub) (3:30)
Somebody Stole My Thunder (day light version) (3:24)
Send Me A Postcard (italian playboys session demo) (3:17)
Les cornichons (live at Hammondismo 03:DEC:2005) (2:51)
Briar Patch (live at Mod Mania 18:FEB:2005) (2:45)
6v6 LA (live at The Troubador 09:APR:2005) (2:38)
Marshall Jim 100 (live at The Goodfoot 09:JUN:2004) (9:11)
Move Move Move (beat.it rehearsal tapes) (2:53)
Ladyshave (instrumental version) (4:36)
Spider Baby (mile high mayhem mix) (2:30)
Little Italy Serenade (the lost mix) (6:54)
Strudel Girl (new acid wave retro mix) (3:32)
HBB.004 + HBR 004
PRCombo-pack includes both The Link Quartet's "Mile High Mayhem" (ships JULY) and The Special Agents "Bulletproof Beat" (ships OCT) which will feature exclusive bonus tracks from those that will appear on the commercial edition in 2006. Also, includes an instant 10% discount on your entire order, and future exclusive discounts on forthcoming products. Available for PRE-ORDER ONLY from June 1 to July 4, 2005.