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Various Artists - SoulShaker Volume 2 (Record Kicks RKX010)

Bologna, Italy’s Soulshaker night club has become semi legendary in mod/60’s/funk-soul circles. It should seem fitting to capitalize on the buzz and issue a hip sampler CD (AGAIN)… so they did.

Comprising of a whirl of soul/Hammond/bass and drum/horn accented sounds from all over the world what we have here is a tasty selection.The Voodoo Trombone Quartet serve up the catchy “Your Pleasure is Our Pleasure”, not at all out of place with sounds you’d find on all the funky easy/kitsch CD comps that were legion in the late 90’s.
Big Boss Man contribute “Kelvin Stardust” an incredibly catchy organ groover that sounds like the late Roy Budd directing The Spencer Davis Group from their CD “Winner” (see links section). Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are something of a legend here on the east coast of the U.S. and their name is always running across the lips of mods/60’s enthusiasts and soulies/funksters alike.
One listen to her version of Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition’s (via Betty Lavette ) “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In)” and you’ll know why. Speedometer’s “You Got the Message” is a soulful organ driven female fronted number that has an almost uptempo Northern groove to it with some Muscle Shoals sounding backing. Classic! And they’re not even Yanks…. they’re from the U.K.! More please?! I was really diggin’ Kahuna Kawentzmann’s “Go Go Sitar” (a welcome diversion from all the B-3 action here with some funky sitar action from a few year's back) till it began skipping (along with the next cut which wouldn’t play) thanks to some black enamel stuff that looks like the ink they use on the label side splattering on the “play” side.
Italy’s The Link Quartet (highlight’s of last year’s Mod Chicago weekender) remind me of what The James Taylor Quartet sounded like before Acid Jazz turned me off of them with their nifty “Sweet Little Apples” followed immediately by San Francisco’s own Nick Rossi Set presenting Mose Allison’s “Foolkiller”. Nick & Co.’s version sounds amazing, imagine if Brian Auger used The Big Roll Band or The Blue Flames when cutting his version and you might have what I’m ineptly talkin’ about! The Diplomats Of Solid Sound played the 2nd Mod Chicago weekender, the room was spinning too much for me so their set was not too well absorbed by me (unlike the brown ale which prevented any decent investigation). Luckily they're onboard here with the house shaking/ party rollicking "Loaf And Jug", though I wonder what's in the jug...
There are a great deal on numbers that blur together in a flurry of organ/handclaps and bass n’ drum type stuff, not my scene so I’ve excluded mentioning them…but actually there’s not a bad pick in the bunch, though The Slow Slushy Boys version of “I Can’t Believe What You Say” has me thinkin’ “I can’t believe they recorded that”.
Bill Luther 2005[Published 25 September 2005]


@ CLUB MAGIC BUS - Marcon (VENEZIA) - via delle Industrie 118
(uscita MARCON dalla tangenziale di Mestre)
infoline: 041/5952151 - 393.7573462


SKY SAXON & THE SEEDS: è uno dei padri del rock psichedelico, i Doors gli facevano da gruppo spalla, e condivide la nomea di genio folle con Brian Wilson dei Beach Boys e Syd Barrett dei Pink Floyd. Dopo anni di inattività i Seeds si riformano al seguito del mito di Sky Saxon... 40 anni di rock & roll, psichedelia e trip per una delle leggende viventi dei sixties e seventies, che viene a far sentire al pubblico italiano le sue buone vibrazioni...

Venerdì 23 settembre
saliranno sul palco del Club Magic Bus di Marcon (Venezia) per la serata
organizzata da Smart Generation, il programma prevede il live dei
in apertura serata alle 23.00 per dare poi spazio a
a mezzanotte.

La notte proseguirà con la consolle impegnata dai

Daniele Reale, Boogaloo Robert, Carlo Sesto, Henry Lazzeri e Freak Carlos
nella sala principale con sonorità
6ts rock, freakbeat, garage, psichedeliche..
mentre in saletta "magic-box" (l'area fumatori del club) si alterneranno i

Checco Merdez, Daniele Reale e Boogaloo Robert
a proporre sonorità
garage '80, indie, bubblegum, beatpop...
il prezzo del biglietto della serata è di 15,00 Euro,
ingresso dopo i concerti 8,00 Euro con una consumazione
apertura cancelli ore 21.30, fine serata ore 06.00
info: smartgeneration@yahoo.it +39.393.7573462

VIA ORLANDA 8/C, 30030 MESTRE - VENEZIA, TEL. +39.(0)41.531.28.28



Various Artists 'SoulShaker Volume 2' Record Kicks
The opening track by The Voodoo Trombone Quartets 'Your Pleasure Is Our Pleasure' is not awful but reminds me too much of that 'Big Beat' Wall Of Sound/Skint Records mid 90's sound. Big Boss Man's 'Kevin Stardust' is surprisingly good for a band I usually consider well below par. Speedometer deliver a typical foot to the floor funk number, much better is band leader Leigh Gracies other offering on the compilation Sting Ray Davies & The Organites 'Upstairs On Boston Road' - that bitch is mighty frisky! Masterful and deeply soulful as usual is Sharon Jones performing her own take on the Kenny Jones classic 'Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In'. While she does little to the Betty LaVette interpretation it does make the competition herre appear pale in comparison. That is until Spanky Wilson and Quantic pull the rug from underneath it with the mother of all new-funk tracks - 'Don't Joke With A Hungry Man' - James Black/Bobby Williams drums a go-go with Spanky sounding as good as she never did! This is a track they'll be still listening to in 10 years time. Next up is Lemon's 'Hell Yeah' a cool space-jazz groover that sits somewhere between Freakpower and Henry Mancini. From Jazzman Gerald's Stark Reality label comes Kahuna Kawentzmann's 'Gogo Star', an organ and sitar led number that would benefit immensely from having the sitar louder in the mix but nevertheless is absolutely stunning! Acid Jazz is represented with Smoove's 'Coming Back' an excitable and soulful stomper that won't blow your mind but should keep folk dancing on the floor. The Link Quartet mix things up a bit with the best track I've ever heard from them - the previously unreleased 'Sweet Little Apples' - imagine The Spencer Davis Group and The Small Faces knocking out a furious Hammond B3 soaked instrumental together. Nick Rossi Set's 'Foolkiller' takes the Mark Murphy mod-jazz sound and shoves a rocket up its arse. Sting Ray Davies & The Organites kindly donate a hysterical funky workout titled 'Upstairs On Boston Road', a definite highlight of the CD, and one to buy it for alone. This is the standard others should rise to! Next up is one of the best live bands in the UK - Scotland's The Boogaloo Investigators with a killer rhythm n' blues banger 'If You Reap', top stuff. A band that's a real hit or miss outfit is The Diplomats Of Solid Sound here they are represented with 'Loaf And Jug', clearly this is a tight competent band but they just seem to lack a magical spark to ignite their sound. Funxplosion's 'Love Jet' is barely even noticeable and leaves no lasting impression whatsoever. A real blast from the past is Sharon Jackson's 'Fakin' It', a storming funk beast with dynamite drumming from legendary funk collector Malcolm Catto. This band was extraordinarily good live, what happened to them!!! Nottingham's Stoned Soul Picnic draw us close to the end with 'Doctor Gonzo' a previously unreleased instrumental and to round the show off we have The Slow Slushy Boys quirky take on the Ike Turner track 'I Can't Believe What You Say'. All in all a pretty strong compilation, one or two duff tracks here and there but packed with plenty of goodies and one or two real treats.


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La confezione dei singoli del Link Quartet che usciranno il prossimo anno per la Hammond Beat Records


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Album DescriptionAnother Hammond organ monster from the www.HAMMONDBEAT.com community!!!Wilson Chance: The Sound of Danger is a new kind of soundtrack...or is it? A collaborative effort with 5 instrumental artists working together toward a common goal. Hand selected by filmmakers Jeffrey and George Bunzendahl to achieve the right aural texture for their film, and further exploited by Hammondbeat's creative director Kahlil Breithaupt to deliver a unique sidebar that at once stands on its own as a groovy 6Ts-ish instrumental compilation as well as being a cohesive filmic tale of espionage, action, danger, and what everyone needs...sex.The Sound of Danger divides into several combinations, but most obviously there is the spy-surf stylings of The Special Agents (UK) and The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Switzerland) along with a contemporary dose from 007 guitar legend Vic Flick...yes, THE James Bond Theme! In equal measure there are the heavy Hammond organ spy-beat grooves from THE definitive Italiano bands The Link Quartet (Piacenza) and Mike Painter & The Family Shakers (Milano). The Sound of Danger also delivers a 3-act film structure that fluidly moves from scene-to-scene with a dash of dialogue here and action effects there, but not in a gimmicky way and never at the expense of the music. You will undoubtedly find your own ways of defining the album's structure too, and how many different ways you can resequence and edit it for different listening scenarios!The relationship between the music and Wilson Chance began with Vic Flick signing on to provide the score to the film. It is both 6T's familiar and topically modern, adding electronics to the mix, while preserving that distinctive Flick guitar style. Hammondbeat soon joined the party with the addition of The Link Quartet and 5 songs from the 2002 release "BEAT.IT" (also available at CDBaby...hint, hint!), and introductions went out to The Special Agents, The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and a bit later Mike Painter & The Family Shakers (also available at CDBaby!!), all of whom contributed tracks from their recent albums to the film.While that was churning away in the director's editing bay of his studio, we all got a little anxious to make something happen sooner than later, and an album - this album - started to take shape, but rather than recycle the same songs previously released on CD, a brand new score was the thing the fans would want and from that a new story too. Part 3Ts detective radio drama and part 6Ts swinging London, this album represents 1/2 of the tale. The full audio drama featuring the cast of Wilson Chance is soon for this world, and twists and turns the music in yet another whole new way.The Sound of Danger is 70 minutes of audio overload, and features previously unreleased music from todays best Hammond organ bands:The Link Quartet: "The Sound of Danger", "Greased On Delta Street", "Souvenir de Macon", and "Deliquesced by Devonshire"The Special Agents: "A Spy In The Ointment", "Tinker Tailor Surfer Spy", "The Lunar Sea (part 2)", and "Wilson Chance Theme" (composed by Vic Flick)The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E.: "Last Chance", "Krambambuli '67", and "Targets"Mike Painter & The Family Shakers: "Chasin' Chance", "Soul Hunter", and "Kitty's Rendezvous"Plus a very special guest appearance by The Yards with a tune ("Munchimoo Boogaloo") that will blow the lid off any prior notions you may have had, and of course songs and elements from Vic's score both straight-up and on-the-rocks tie the whole thing together.http://hammondbeat.com/http://www.wilsonchance.com/http://www.linkquartet.com/http://mikepainter.net/http://www.men-from-spectre.org/http://www.geocities.com/thespecialagents/http://www.vicflick.comhttp://www.theyards.netComing soon...THE LINK QUARTET"ITALIAN PLAYBOYS INTERNATIONALE "featuring extra special guests:* DJ Ninfa (www.ninfa.net) with a vocal turn on Gus Gus'"Ladyshave"* Doug Roberson (www.thediplomats.org)* Eddie Roberts (www.newmastersounds.co.uk)
© Hammondbeat Records.

Copyright © 2005 MP3tunes. All rights reserved.

...da Laut.de

Wenige italienische Musiker können von sich behaupten, regelmäßige Coast To Coast-Touren in den USA zu absolvieren. Das Link Quartet gehört zu ihnen, was weniger an seinem Bekanntheitsgrad liegt, sondern eher an der Nische, aus der es kommt: Eine von Hammond-Klängen dominierte Musik, die ihm in Mod-Kreisen Aufmerksamkeit und Lob beschert.
Das Quartett kommt 1992 im lombardischen Piacenza zusammen. Die Grundformation besteht aus Giulio "Link" Cardini (Gitarre), Tony "Face" Bacciocchi (Schlagzeug) und Renzo Bassi (passenderweise: Bass), zu denen sich wechselnde Musiker gesellen. Alle haben schon eine lange Erfahrung im Musikbusiness und sich einen Namen in der Szene gemacht, besonders Bacciocchi, der als eines der prominentesten Mitglieder der italienischen Mod-Szene gilt.
Zu Beginn spielen sie vor allem Coverversionen vom James Taylor Quartet und Corduroy sowie Filmmusiken aus den 70er Jahren. Der Zugang des Keyboarders Paolo "Apollo" Negri führt zu neuen Ideen und einem markanteren Sound. Nachdem sie in Italien als Vorband für ihre Vorbilder James Taylor Quartet spielen, nehmen sie zwei Stücke für das spanische Label Animal Records auf. 2001 erscheint mit "Episode One" eine Zusammenstellung von Stücken aus ihrem bisherigen Schaffen.
Damit machen sie nicht nur in Italien auf sich aufmerksam. Nach einer Tour, die sie auch nach Belgien und in die Schweiz führt, unterschreiben sie einen Vertrag beim US-Label Hammondbeat und veröffentlichen 2002 "Beat.it", das in Europa, USA und Japan auf Aufmerksamkeit stößt. So eröffnet das Link Quartet ein Konzert von
Manu Chao in seiner Heimatstadt Piacenza, tritt in den USA auf und spielt mit Calexico, Melissa Auf Der Maur und Yeah Yeah Yeahs bei einem Festival im französischen Bourges.
Das dritte Werk "
Italian Playboys" erscheint im Januar 2005 beim Mailänder Label Record Kicks und erntet international gute Kritiken.


Episode One

Per chi fosse ancora alla ricerca di copie originali di "Episode One" (nostro primo album semi antologico , vedi in discografia i dettagli) ci sono copie disponibili su www.hammondbeat.com e su www.popmadrid.com.


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Picture/foto : LINK QUARTET summer 2004

HBR 004 PR Special Agents "Bulletproof Beat" CD(advanced promo version with exclusive bonus tracks - only in the Hammondbeat shop and at Special Agents shows)

HBL 001 Dansettes "Oh My!" CD (EP)
HBL 002 Fil Lorenz Soul-tet "Stinky Stinky" CD (EP)
HBL 003 Link Quartet / Diplomats of Solid Sound "split 45 - live" 7" (EP)
(note tour delay may bump this release to early 2006)
LINK QUARTET SONGS : "Move move move" (live 21-02-2003 at "Fillmore" - Piacenza - Italy supporting Brian Auger's Oblivion Express) + "Alfa Romeo Duetto" (live 30-11-2002 at "Zion Club" - Chiasso -Switzerland)

HBR 004 Special Agents "Bulletproof Beat"
CDHBR 005 Screamin' Retro "Scream On!" CD (mini-album)
HBR 00# TOP SECRET RELEASE "tentatively on schedule" CD

HBR 00# Yards "Wit" CDHBL 004 Baron Samedi E.S.Q. "Feed A Fever" CD

13-JUN-2006 or 11-JUL-2006 (the LINK QUARTET blast)
HBL 00# "Three In A Bed" b/w "Three In A Bed (gianluca remix)"
HBL 00# "Don't Burst My Bubble" b/w "Mao et Moi"
HBL 00# "Alfa Romeo Bertone" b/w "Sweet Little Apples"
HBR 00# "Evolution" (first pressing with bonus CD)